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Entrust your beauty to our skilled and knowledgeable injectors

Camouflage Aesthetic Injection Boutique is Southport's destination for luxury aesthetic services performed by highly trained injection specialists.

Camouflage Aesthetic Injection Boutique
Skilled, luxury services to reveal radiant skin

Our injectors have extensive training and experience in luxury injection boutiques, providing services that deliver lasting results with minimal discomfort. Let your beauty shine through with our in-demand range of injections, filler, and more.

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    Prevent fine lines and treat hyperhidrosis, migraines and TMJ

    Offering: Jeuveau, Xeomin, Dysport, Daxxify

  • Image of an icon to represent derma filler one of the services at Camouflage Aesthetic Injection Boutique.
    Dermal Filler + Biostimulators

    Injections to correct volume and enhance features

    Offering: RHA, Restylane, Versa, Sculptra, Radiessse

  • Image of an icon of a syringe showing medical esthetician services in North Carolina.
    Fat-Dissolving Injections

    Target and dissolve fat in areas of concern

  • Image of bubbles to representing medical professional botox treatment.
    IV Wellness

    Supports immune system function and enhances skin tone and texture

Let's reveal your radiance
Luxury service backed by aesthetic specialists with state of the art training
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